A Criminal Defense Strategy Based On Your Goals

An illegal basis for a traffic stop or an unlawful search and seizure could provide a defense if you are charged with a crime. But how do you know whether one of these constitutional defenses exists to challenge a charge? You need to talk with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

The attorney you select matters. Do not trust your liberty to someone who dabbles in this area of law.

Experience Matters

I have practiced criminal law in New York for more than 40 years and have handled all levels of criminal cases as a prosecutor, a judge as well as a criminal defense attorney.

With this broad background, I am able to see a case from all sides and identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case, allowing me to negotiate the best possible disposition. I will explain the specific penalties for charges filed in your case, defenses to those charges and your options as the case progresses.

If you are facing criminal charges in New Paltz or Ulster County, call me at 845-255-9100 to discuss your case.

Don't Let A Mistake Ruin Your Life

Anyone can make a bad decision. Young adults are even more prone to making poor decisions because they may not yet fully understand cause and effect. If you or a family member has been charged with DUI or drug possession, the charge alone can have long-lasting effects and must be taken seriously.

Let me sit down with you to discuss what happened and your goals for resolving the matter. Using my experience, I will develop a strategy to address the issue in a timely manner.

I handle a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, including:

  • Possession or sale of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth and other controlled substances
  • Weapons and/or assault charges
  • Theft and robbery allegations

There is always a way to deal with the problem. Whether through a negotiated deal or a court trial, I will stand up for your rights throughout the process.

Immediately, call 845-255-9100 or email me to obtain legal advice before you do anything else after being charged with a crime.